How Does PayPal work for Online Workers?

If you're an online worker then you're probably familiar with the common payment methods such as PayPal. PayPal has been a trusted online payment site with services such as sending and receiving money.

For online workers in the Philippines you might notice there's a fee when receiving money from other countries. There's a 3.9% fee being deducted from the amount you receive. This is apart from the fee you incur when withdrawing your money to your chosen bank account or card.

To guarantee you receive the agreed upon payment you can advise your employer to cover your PayPal fees so that your payment is received in full. Many employers are considerate of this and happily agree to cover the fees.

*More information about fees can be found in the User Agreement for PayPal Services section.

To determine the fees you are currently being charged when receiving payments go to the 'History' section at the top of your My Account tab.

To calculate the fees you incur over a year's period you can download the transaction for a year and import to Microsft Excel. Follow the steps below:

An easy way to check your fees is with a PayPal calculator at Greg Ledet. For those on the go there's an app you can download to calculate the fees. 


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