WAHM Interview: Chatting with Eve

When I first started contemplating if I could be a WAHM I always hesitated because I wasn't sure if I could make it work and I didn't know anyone who actually worked at home and made a comfortable living.

I hope the interviews here will inspire you to take that step and fulfill your dream of being a work at home mom.


Eve has been a WAHM for over a year and has successfully proven that one can be a dedicated mom while working at home. Read on to learn more about Eve's views and insights to becoming a WAHMom.

Age: 25 
Number of Children: 1

What has been the best experience of being a work at home mom? 
I'd like to cite two of the best experiences of being a work-at-home mom! First, being able to witness all the milestones in Carlos' existence. Second, being the first person to hug him, console him, nurse him, kiss him and more whenever and wherever he needs it.

How long have you been a WAHM?
1 year and 6 months

What is your current WAHM job?
Online ESL (English as a second language) teacher, transcriptionist and other home based projects that are within my capacity and talent. :)

Where did you first hear about being a WAHM?
On Facebook.

What made you decide to become a WAHM?
Honestly, I did not go through a painful and daunting process just to become a WAHM. Up until this very moment that I'm writing this down, I still feel that it was all God's plan. I lost my job when I was pregnant so I had no choice but to find a way to earn what I need to earn. Besides, I don't like the idea of procrastinating for a long period of time (Really?!). When I gave birth, I knew I had a choice to look for a job and I feel like people around me were expecting me to do so (which is still happening right now) but that didn't happen and I wouldn't be telling you all of this if I chose to work outside the home.

What would you say are the challenges of being a WAHM?
Working with the baby, kids, adults, dogs, cats, and other distractions around is one major challenge I am encountering day to day. Remember that you're no longer working in an office that's very conducive for work related stuff. This time your office could be your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and all the kinds of rooms there are in your house. With that being said, anyone can easily bug you and ask you to do a favor whilst working, thus, taking your focus away from your work. 

What are the three things you need to be a successful WAHM?
Since everybody's going crazy about "Please Be Careful With My Heart", especially about SER Chief (admit it or not, you're one of them), let me use the letters SER to stand for the three things which I think are essential for you to get through the life of being a WAHM:


Ask for support from your husband and the entire family (including your neighbors if you want).

Whenever friends ask me about how to be a WAHM, I tell them the process but I also and always tell them to think about it over and over and to ask support from their husband and family. The transition from being a career woman to a work at home mom is really not easy. It gets frustrating at times especially when you feel like your budget is running low or you're not properly managing your time or worse, you can't find the right client or employer. That's why support coming from these people is very important.


Once you've decided to be a WAHM, you have to explore and research. Your computer is now your new best friend! (Baka magkapalit pa nga kayo ng mukha eh! Translation: You might switch faces with your computer monitor!) So you better take extra care of it! You can always find available jobs that are home based on the internet. Don't limit yourself to the skills you currently possess. Yo can also explore your hidden talents and add more skills to your already long list by joining workshops, trainings or even taking TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) courses. Take note that there are also online trainings and workshops.

R- be Realistic

Being a WAHM is also like applying in the corporate world as a fresh graduate. Your resume is empty aside from the scholastic records, seminars attended and best student award that you have. So when starting, you have to set your expectations right and be realistic. No one will offer you a high salary right away if you haven't gathered enough experience yet. Instead of complaining or jumping from one employer to another, take what is being offered (as long as the tasks and salary are reasonable) and make it your stepping stone for a better employment and even better salary in your next months of being a WAHM.

What online job sites would you recommend to WAHM beginners?
I recommend you join the Facebook group Manila Work-at-Home-Moms, oDesk (only for patient people as the start could be daunting) and of course, my page Online ESL Teachers Training where I constantly post job openings for those who are and want to be online ESL teachers.

What is a normal day for you?
It depends on the projects I work on. However, no matter how light or how toxic my day is, I always wash my little boy's clothes. Haha!

How has being a WAHM changed your life?
I never worked out of home since I gave birth to Carlos so I really don't have anything to compare it with. All I know is that I am really happy that God has brought me to being a WAHM. My mind is sound (most of the time) because I know Carlos is just an arms reach away or next-door-reach away from me.

Words of encouragement for wannabe WAHMs?
If you won't take a step forward to being a WAHM then you wouldn't know the answer to your questions. If things didn't work for you the first time, you can still keep going back to where you think you should really be. You can keep trying until it works for you and the family. I know I am not in the position to tell you all of these things but I can assure you that it's really rewarding and it's worth a try! 

I forgot to mention, you'd be able to follow every single episode of "Please Be Careful With My Heart" or any of your favorite TV series! You want that don't you? :)

May God give you the courage, strength, employer and everything that you need to be a successful WAHM! :)


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