Recommended Sites

Having a steady online job takes time and effort especially when it comes to fixing your profile and sending in your resumes. You'll likely come across many sites offering top paying online jobs but of the hundreds of sites out there there are only a handful that you can rely on.

I recommend these sites based on my own personal experiences. I've worked with each of these sites and they have provided me with great employers and steady jobs.

These are my recommendations in no particular order.

This site particularly targets Filipino online workers. Unlike other sites displays job openings and leaves it to you to apply for the job through your personal email address following the steps or directions provided by the employer.

Jobs offered on this site can be full time or part time with a set rate. The rates provided are in pesos and payment is usually through Paypal or can be discussed between employer and employee.

You can attract employers with a concise, accurate and attractive profile. The profile that they provide for you to fill out is quite detailed. Aside from the necessary profile details like age, gender, contact details, and availability you are also provided a chance to gauge your own skill set by rating yourself on different job and related skills. Now, if you're thinking of rating yourself 5 star on more than 3 skills than you're in for a surprise. It's actually a positive to have a limitation on how much you can rate per skill. This gives you and your employer a realistic expectation when it comes to work output.

Job positions offered through this site;
  • Virtual assistants
  • Writers 
  • Web designers

When you have an account and profile set up you can view the job description and have access to the contact details.

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When it come's to guaranteed pay doesn't really provide a system wherein you are guaranteed pay for hours worked. However, they do provide payment for work you have done if you're employer ends up not paying you for your time. Having experienced this myself, it's assuring to know that you can somehow get payment. All you have to do is email their support group and provide proof of work you have accomplished like emails and such.

Known for it's guaranteed jobs and payment this is both a popular and worthy site for online job seekers. It's reliability and variety of jobs provided have made it one of the most successful job sites out there. 

All this of course, doesn't come easy. It can be a bit of a rough start and there may be feelings of hopelessness even when you first apply for jobs. you shouldn't give up though because once you do get a job you'll be on a roll. 

When starting with oDesk you'll need to create a profile with all the standard details. They provide a very detailed profile for you to fill out wherein you can display the following:

  • skills
  • employment history
  • education
  • portfolio projects
  • any certifications you may have

The deal breaker here though is that you have to complete the standard oDesk Readiness test before you can apply to jobs and it has to be a perfect score. It's a very easy test and it's open book so you shouldn't worry. You are then encouraged to take more tests that will show off your skills. Tests that you pass are automatically made public on your profile and for the ones you fail you have an option to make it private.

When applying for a job you are provided many categories to choose from. Certain details are provided for each job post like whether it's fixed price or hourly, planned start, skills required, and if the client is payment verified. 

The things to look out for are that they have been verified for payment and this is where you can check their total spent and their hours billed. It's conveniently highlighted in green if they are verified which makes it easier for you to scroll through jobs. 

Be sure to have an original cover letter for each job you apply to. It should be customized, short and concise describing exactly how your skills fit the job description. you can also propose your hourly rate but make sure to look at the Client Activity on this Job section to check what the average pay proposal is. You don't want too ask for to high a price but you also don't want to sell yourself short.

The best thing about oDesk is that for hourly jobs you are guaranteed payment. How is this possible? Well, clients or employers are made to have a certain account balance before they can hire contractors. When you work your hours you will be paid using that balance. An interesting feature which may be a deal breaker for some is the oDesk Team Room where snapshots of you screen are taken and later reviewed by your employer. 

You'll have 3 tabs mainly Find Work, My Jobs, and Wallet. The site is easy to navigate and you're sure to find great jobs.

Here you will find a more relaxed view of online jobs. You only need to provide a simple profile and there are no tests or trackers. 

They keep it really simple with the usual details plus Worker Details and Worker Experience. When selling yourself on Easyoutsource you'll need to be more descriptive. Also a gauge is not provided so all the details you provide are of your own accord. It's best not to embellish so that you can provide a realistic view of your capabilities.

AVG Anti-Virus 2012                                                                           As you search for jobs you'll find that you'll come across many questionable job posts but there are legitimate ones out there. I myself got some great jobs from this site. Applying for jobs is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is click on a job post and then click on Apply to Job. You may have to follow other instructions provided by the employer. 

Payment options are through Paypal and Xoom. Similar to onlinejobs payment is discussed between employer and employee with no guarantee provided from the site. 

It's pretty open book as you see who else has applied for the job and this may tend to discourage you. Just keep in mind that that employer is looking for someone to fit their description and you just might be it.