WAHM Interview: Chatting with May

When I first started contemplating if I could be a WAHM I always hesitated because I wasn't sure if I could make it work and I didn't know anyone who actually worked at home and made a comfortable living.

I hope the interviews here will inspire you to take that step and fulfill your dream of being a work at home mom.


May is new to the WAHM community but she is thoroughly enjoying the benefits of being a work at home mom. Find out how she started and what tips you can take from her story for your own journey of becoming a WAHMom.

Age: 35
Have you had an office job? Yes

What has been the best experience of being a work at home mom? 
I don’t think I can call myself a WAHM yet because I am primarily managing a waffle business located in a mall.  I’ve only been accepting part time transcription jobs whenever I have extra time but haven’t really earned that much from it yet. But I think the best part of being a WAHM is that you get to spend time at home and still earn.

How long have you been a WAHM?
Just a few months ago, I quit my office job last March and launched my business but only tried working from home 3 months after. On an average I accept jobs once or twice a week, so I can’t say that I am that experienced.

What is your current WAHM job?
Part time transcriptionist.

Where did you first hear about being a WAHM?
At work. I have several colleagues who quit their office jobs to work from home.

What made you decide to become a WAHM?
Since I have extra time at home after my mall visits, I thought of doing some part time job at home. 

What would you say are the challenges of being a WAHM?
You need to have a strong sense of discipline and not let yourself procrastinate and beating deadlines.

What are the three things you need to be a successful WAHM?
Discipline, focus and time management

What online job sites would you recommend to WAHM beginners?
I’ve tried only Odesk so far. 

What is a normal day for you?
If I’m not in the store, I record and keep track of the daily inventories, trending and balancing sales for next orders, completing weekly/end of month reports and BIR tasks. Recently, I have been interviewing for new staff and will be training for the next few days. 

How has being a WAHM changed your life?
I have more time for myself and my family.

Words of encouragement for wannabe WAHMs?
Am I qualified? LOL! I don’t consider myself a successful WAHM yet to be able to give words of encouragement.


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