Dropbox: Free Online Storage

Working online requires storage of your files, pictures, projects and even portfolios. If you're a transcriber receiving large dictation files you may need an alternative to receiving it through your inbox. 

The best cloud storage that I've come across by far is Dropbox. I found out about it through one of my past employers who would send me hour long dictations. It's convenient, accessible offline and safe to use.

I've recommended this cloud storage to my other employers and it has made work easier for both of us.

There are many online storage sites but Dropbox has offered me free space and the ability to get even more space by referring friends. I've earned more than 4GB by referring friends and linking my social media accounts. I was on the free plan for 2 years and have now switched to their Pro Plan at $9.99/month for 100GB to better get the benefit of more storage and security. They also offer 200GB & 500GB plans and  a Business Plan at 1TB for 5 users. 

The security is one of its best features as it allows you to store sensitive and confidential documents. You can connect all your devices to your Dropbox account and for extra safety use the 2 step verification they offer for added security. This entails you logging in and then being sent a code to your mobile phone which you will need to enter to get access to your folders and files. If you have a trusted device such as your desktop at home then you can do away with this.

Along with storing the files to the cloud and on your computer they have an app you can use to be able to access it through your smartphones and android phones. I use an iPhone and the Camera Upload feature is a great way to get pictures and files uploaded without the use of cables and memory cards.

You can also create as many folders as you'd like and share particular folders as I do with my employer. They've recently launched a Photo feature where you can create albums that you can easily share with family and friends.

Downloading time is quite fast. It may take some time if the file is large but from experience the files come through quickly. 


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Structure said...

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