Making It On Your Own: The Inspiring Story of Sara Blakely

Working at home doesn't necessarily call for you to work at a computer all day. When you desire to work at home it could be that you want to have a chance of making it on your own. You might be interested on focusing on a small business that one day you'd like to make into a successfu corporation. Take for example, Sara Blakely of Spanx fame.

I recently watched a feature on her inspiring business story. She can be called a self made woman having started from nothing and putting herself out there taking risks with a product she firmly believed in.

Her very popular product Spanx features a line of body shapers, pantyhose, and undergarments. To get herself started she launched herself into a world of patents, prototypes, manufacturing, and product promotion. Being that she didn't have a lot of money to spend on launching her product she went to one of the most well known department stores, Neiman Marcus. She showed her product off to the buyer by wearing it. Seeing the difference it made to a woman's shape they knew they had a seller on their hands. Three weeks later Spanx hit the shelves. As an added promotion she would go to instore rallies and wear the product explaining to customers passing by the difference it could make to your body. Her products are now carried through well known department store chains and used by movie stars and singers.

Sara was recently on the cover of Forbes magazine and named the youngest self made woman with a net worth of $1 billion.

Here are 5 start up tips from Sara Bakely herself.
1) Don't let the first no stop you.
2) Don't quit your day job just yet.
3) Don't seek validation from others.
4) Hire your weaknesses.
5) Never stop evolving.

Her success is a big inspiration to work at home moms like me who are given more confidence to pursue their dreams.


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