It's Now or Never!

Venturing into something new is always tough at the beginning. You're unsure of what lies ahead and you wonder if it'll all work out for the best. It calls for taking chances and for accepting consequences.

When I first started working online I was feeling all this and more. I wondered if I would make it and if I even stood a chance against the hundreds maybe even thousands of other online workers.

The first step is making that decision and following it through. I was highly motivated because of my youngest child who I wanted to see grow up. I wanted to be able to participate in his life with whole-hearted attention.

I could have stayed on with my job but i knew that I would be half asleep through his milestones and too tired and distracted to enjoy his moments. With this in mind I was determined to succeed.

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After a year of working online I think I can say that I have succeeded so far. I have great paying steady jobs and wonderful employers.

I enjoy all the moments that I can and I'm thankful that I get to sleep beside him and wake up to his adorable face lying right beside mine. In between work I get to laugh and play with my baby. Those few seconds I get to hug him makes it all worth the stumbles that I came across at the start of my work at home mom journey.

So if this is something you want to explore weigh the pros and cons but think about what matters to you and what you don't want to miss out on.


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